About Us

Skyline Nepal Pvt Ltd is a leading consultancy dedicated to helping individuals in Nepal realize their dreams of studying abroad. With a commitment to excellence and personalized service, Skyline Nepal assists aspiring students in navigating the complexities of international education.

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Our Approach

Check Our Approaches step by step for PR in Canada(how we do it)

  • Counseling and Assessment

    Step 1: Counseling and Assessment

    Counseling is the first step of your dream of immigrating to Canada. We mentally prepare you for various options available for Express Entry (EE) Programs. We evaluate your documents and check your eligibility for EE Programs.

  • Enrollment and Document Preparation

    Step 2: Enrollment and Document Preparation

    Once you are enrolled with us, we ask you for further documents needed to create your EE profile.

  • Profile Submmision and wait for ITA

    Step 3: Profile Submmision and wait for ITA

    After we submit your EE profile, it will go to EE pool, and you will wait for ITA.

  • Final document submission after ITA

    Step 4: Final document submission after ITA

    Once you get ITA, we will ask you to submit us required documents to create an online application for Permanent Residence (PR), and wait for Visa Request Letter.

  • Departure Session

    Step 5: Departure Session

    After getting a PR visa to immigrate to Canada, we will run an after-visa session which includes the basic travel information along with necessary items that you need to take while you travel to Canada. Besides, we will provide you further details once you reach Canada.

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Popular Program

Below are some of the programs that colleges and universities we are affiliated offers.

Business Management

Human Resource Management International Business Management (PG)


Cybersecurity and Threat Management Database Application Developer

Health and Science

Environmental Studies and Sciences Child & Youth Care (Ad. Diploma)

Engineering Technology

Wide range of Engineering Subjects Civil, Electrical, Electromechanical & more

Law and Justice

Corporate Safety and Security Crime Analytics

Community Services

Addictions and Mental Health Child and Youth Care