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WES Report USA (Course-by-course evaluation)

SNInstitutionsDegreeUSA EquivalencyDegree Awarded YearYear of EvaluationSummary
1.Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of Dental Surgery (5 and 1/2 years)Five and one-half years of professional study in dentistry at a regionally accredited
2012May 3, 2021Total Professional Semester Credits: 144.5
2.B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS)Master of Public HealthMaster’s degree from a regionally accredited
2018May 3, 2021Total Graduate Semester Credits: 42.5
3.Purbanchal UniversityBachelor of Science in BiochemistryThree years of undergraduate study (Bachelor’s degree) from a regionally accredited institution2005October 5, 2021Total Undergraduate Semester Credits: 138.0
4.Bangalore UniversityMaster of Science in BiochemistryBachelor’s and master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution2018October 5, 2021Total Graduate Semester Credits: 30.0
5.Kathmandu UniversityBachelor of Business AdministrationBachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution2020November 17, 2021Total Undergraduate Semester Credits: 120.0
6.Agriculture and Forestry UniversityBachelor of Science in FisheriesBachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution2019December 28, 2021Total Undergraduate Semester Credits: 133.0
7.Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of ArtsThree years of undergraduate study2015April 4, 2022Total Undergraduate Semester Credits: 123.0
8.Tribhuvan UniversityMaster of ArtsBachelor’s and master’s degree2019April 4, 2022Total Graduate Semester Credits: 30.0
9.Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Humanities and Social ScienceThree years of undergraduate study2007April 14, 2022Total Undergraduate Semester Credits: 121.0
10.Tribhuvan UniversityMaster’s Degree in Humanities and Social ScienceBachelor’s and master’s degree2014April 14, 2022Total Graduate Semester Credits: 30.0
11.Pokhara UniversityBachelor of Business AdministrationThree years of undergraduate study2003May 9, 2022Total Undergraduate Semester Credits: 123.0
12.Tribhuvan UniversityMaster’s Degree in Business StudiesBachelor’s and master’s degree2006May 9, 2022Total Graduate Semester Credits: 33.0
13.University of Science and Technology Chittagong, BangladeshBachelor of Medicine and Surgery (Five Yeas Course)First professional degree in medicine (Doctor of Medicine)2002May 12, 2022Total Professional Semester Credits: 180.0
14.Tribhuvan UniversityDoctor of MedicineCompletion of a graduate medical specialization2011May 12, 2022N/A
15.Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Business StudiesThree years of undergraduate study2012November 1, 2022Total Undergraduate Semester Credits : 208.0
GPA: 2.47
16.Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s degree in lawBachelor’s degree2019November 1, 2022N/A
17.Tribhuvan UniversityMaster of Business StudiesBachelor’s and master’s degree2022November 1, 2022Total Graduate Semester Credits : 33.0. GPA: 3.36
18Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of Science in MicrobiologyBachelor’s and master’s degree2022March 16, 2023Total Graduate Semester Credits : 182. GPA: 3.07
19Tribhuvan UniversityMaster and Bachelor in Electronics and Communication EngineeringBachelor’s (4 Years) and master’s degree2018 and 2012October 12, 2023Total Graduate Semester Credits: 145.0
GPA: 3.38
20Tribhuvan UniversityMaster of Public AdministrationMaster’s degree 2020October 12, 2023Total Undergraduate Semester Credits: 84.0
GPA: 3.49
21Purbanchal UniversityBachelor of Science in NursingBachelor’s Degree
(4 Years)
2018December 21, 2023Total Undergraduate Semester Credits: 126.0
GPA: 2.88
22The Council for Technical Education and Vocational TrainingProficiency CertificateSecondary school diploma2012February 9, 2024
23Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal UniversityBachelor of ScienceBachelor’s degree (four years)2017February 9, 2024Total Undergraduate Semester Credits: 122.5 GPA: 3.37