Australia is the sixth-largest country in area and is bordered by the Indian Ocean in the west and by South Pacific Ocean in the east. It has an area of 7,682,300 square kilometer. Its  capital is Canberra. And the English is the official language of Australia.

The climates of Australia vary from regions to regions; not utterly hot and there are regions where temperature remains cool and wet. The southern part of the country is likely to be sub-tropical and temperate and drop below freezing in winter, and the South East regions enjoy heavy snowfalls  whereas the northern part is hot and tropical.  As it is  located in the southern hemisphere of the globe the summer is December to February while winter is June to August. The summer is the wet and the winter is the dry.

Study in Australia

The international students choose Australia for their  higher education not only it has equality of education but also has a safe environment to learn. Many students are attracted to highly advanced technology and innovation that Australia produce every year. With skill, knowledge, and experience, students are prepared to work in the global market.

A growing number of Nepali students are attracted to study in Australia because of its excellent teaching methods. With practical experience of day-to-day life, Australia approaches a new lifestyle and learning atmosphere for the Nepali students. They come across a different environment where they can enhance their talents and skills.

Given are the reason why Australia is a famous study destination:

  1. Affordable tuition fee than the US and the UK
  2. Third most famous destination for study after the US and the UK
  3. World renowned universities and colleges
  4. Scholarships for the international students
  5. Work opportunity during semester and  vacation
  6. Globally recognized degrees
  7. Excellent learning environment