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FAQs about Canada PR.

Q. What are basic eligibility criteria?
– Basic eligibility criteria are high school graduate, minimum one year of work experience in related field, age 18-45 years and 6 in each band in IELTS (General Training).

Q. I have low percentage with back paper in my degree; can I apply for Express Entry?
– Express Entry only requires a certified degree.

Q. How much time Express Entry normally takes?
– Express Entry normally takes 6 month from the date of Complete Application submission.

Q. French Language is mandatory for applying to Canada PR?
– No, French language is not mandatory for applying to Canada PR but it can help you to increase the CRS score.

Q. Academic IELTS is accepted?
– No, academic IELTS is not accepted. Express Entry requires IELTS in General Training which is mandatory to apply.

Q. Are there special immigration procedures for different provinces in Canada?
– Under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), certain provinces  are authorized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to select candidates for immigration destined to their respective province.

Q. Who can I include in my application for a Canada immigration visa?
– Your common-law partner, spouse, and conjugal partner. In addition, any dependent children, under 22, must be mentioned in the application. If they are 22 and older, they must be full-time students and have continued their education.

Q. I am currently living/working in foreign country; can I apply from there or should I go back to Nepal to apply?
– Yes, you can apply from any part of the world.

Q. What is ECA?
– ECA is an Educational Credential Assessment of your degree, which evaluates your degree with the Canadian education system

Q. Can we apply Canada PR without ECA?
– ECA is mandatory to apply for Canada Immigration. You cannot submit Canada PR Application without ECA Report.

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