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ECA Report of WES Canada

These are some of the list of distinguish Nepalese and foreign degree, we have evaluated for purpose of Canada PR program and Canada Work Permit. in a new tab)

SN. InstitutionsDegreeCanadian EquivalencyDegree Awarded YearYear of Evaluation
1Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of Electrical EngineeringBachelor’s Degree (Four Years)2010May 2021
2Tribhuvan UniversityMasters of Science in Disaster Risk ManagementMaster’s Degree2017May 2021
3Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s of Civil EngineeringBachelor’s Degree (Four Years)2013April 2021
4Tribhuvan UniversityMasters of Science in Earth Quake EngineeringMaster’s Degree2017April 2021
5Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor’s Degree (Four Years)2012March 2021
6Torrens University, AustraliaMasters Degree in AccountingMaster’s Degree2020March 2021
7Pokhara UniversityBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)Bachelor’s Degree (Four Years)2014March 2021
8De Montfort University, United KingdomMaster of Science in International Business and ManagementMaster’s Degree2015March 2021
9Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of Dental Surgery
Five years of professional study in dentistry2013March 2021
10Kathmandu UniversityDoctor of Medicine in Bio Chemistry
Completion of a graduate medical specialization2017March 2021
11Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in LawBachelor’s Degree (Three Years)2000March 2021
12Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of Art
Bachelor’s Degree (Three Years)2018Feb 2021
13Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Business Studies (BBS)Bachelor’s Degree (Three Years)2004Feb 2021
14Tribhuvan UniversityMasters Degree in Business Studies (MBS)Bachelor’s Degree (Four Years)2008Feb 2021
15Pokhara UniversityMaster of Business Administration (MBA)Master’s Degree2017Feb 2021
16Kathmandu UniversityBachelor of Mechanical EngineeringBachelor’s Degree (Four Years)2011Feb 2021
17Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of Science in Nursing (Bsc. Nursing)Bachelor’s Degree (Three Years)2017Jan 2021
18Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Public Health (BPH)Bachelor’s Degree (Four Years)2016Dec 2018
19Tribhuvan UniversityMaster’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA-Private)Master’s Degree2018Jan 2021
20Purbanchal University Bachelor in ArchitectureBachelor’s Degree (Four Years)2011Jan 2021
21Purbanchal UniversityBachelor of Public HealthBachelor’s Degree (Three Years)2010Dec 2020
22Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Food TechnologyBachelor’s Degree (Four Years)2011Dec 2020
23Purbanchal UniversityMaster of Science in Nutrition and DieteticsMaster’s Degree2018Dec 2020
24Lincoln University College, MalaysiaMaster of Business AdministrationMaster’s Degree2018Dec 2020
25University of Wales,
United Kingdom
Bachelor of Arts in Business StudiesBachelor’s Degree (Four Years)2011Dec 2020
26School of Business and Law
United Kingdom
Post Graduate Diploma in Business ManagementPostgraduate diploma (one year) from a non-recognized institution2012Dec 2020
27University of Gloucestershire,
United Kingdom
Master of Business AdministrationMaster’s degree2013Dec 2020
28Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in ChemistryBachelor’s degree (three years)2013Dec 2020
29Tribhuvan UniversityMaster’s Degree in Organic ChemistryBachelor’s degree (four years)2019Dec 2020
30Purbanchal UniversityBachelor of Hotel ManagementBachelor’s degree (three years)2008Dec 2020
31Lovely Professional University, Punjab, IndiaBachelor of Business AdministrationBachelor’s degree (three years)2015Nov 2020
32Pokhara UniversityBachelor of Civil EngineeringBachelor’s degree (four years)2020Nov 2020
33Pokhara UniversityMaster of Science in Construction ManagementMaster’s Degree2018Nov 2020
34Kathmandu UniversityBachelor in Nursing ScienceBachelor’s degree (three years)2015May 2021
35B.P. Koirala Institute of Health SciencesMaster of Science in Community Health NursingMaster’s Degree2021May 2021
36Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Humanities and Social ScienceBachelor’s degree (three years)2009May 2021
37Uniwersytet Warszawski, (University of Warsaw), PolandMaster’s Degree in International RelationsMaster’s Degree2014May 2021
38Purbanchal UniversityMaster of Arts in Mass Communication and JournalismBachelor’s degree (four years)2016May 2021
39Air Link International Aviation College, PhilippinesBachelor of Science in Aerospace EngineeringSecondary school diploma and diploma (two years)2013April 2021
40Pokhara UniversityMaster of Business Administration (Global Business)Bachelor’s degree (four years)2019April 2021
41Pokhara UniversityMaster of Business AdministrationMaster’s Degree2017April 2021
42Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of Science in PhysicsBachelor’s degree (three years)2011April 2021
43Tribhuvan UniversityMaster of Science in PhysicsBachelor’s degree (Four years)2014April 2021
44Tribhuvan UniversityMaster of Arts in Social WorkBachelor’s degree (Four years)2020March 2021
45London Metropolitan University, United KingdomMaster of Business Administration GlobalMaster’s Degree2014Feb 2020
46Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), United KingdomMember of the Association of Chartered Certified AccountantsBachelor’s degree (Four years)2017Feb 2020
47Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in EducationBachelor’s degree (Three years)2011Feb 2021
48Tribhuvan UniversityMaster of Education in MathematicsBachelor’s degree (Four years)2015Feb 2021
49Tribhuvan UniversityMaster’s Degree in Political Science (Private)Bachelor’s degree (Four years)2018Feb 2021
50University of Pune, IndiaBachelor of Commerce in AccountingBachelor’s degree (Four years)2005April 2020
51University of Pune, IndiaMaster of Business Administration in FinancePostgraduate diploma (one year)2007April 2020
52Purbanchal UniversityBachelor of Civil EngineeringBachelor’s degree (Four years)2011Dec 2020
53Purbanchal UniversityPost-Basic Bachelor of NursingBachelor’s degree (Three years)2019Dec 2020
54Tribhuvan UniversityProficiency Certificate (Vocational and Technical Education)Secondary school diploma2012Dec 2020
55The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)Proficiency Certificate (Vocational and Technical Education)Secondary school diploma2013Nov 2020
56The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)Diploma in Engineering
(Computer Engineering Technology)
Secondary school diploma2007March 2015
57Pokhara UniversityBachelor of Engineering (Information Technology)Bachelor’s degree (four years)2011March 2015
58Purbanchal UniversityExecutive Master of Business AdministrationMaster’s Degree2019Sept 2019
59Queen Margaret University, UKMaster of Science in Global HealthMaster’s Degree2018Dec 2020
60Kathmandu UniversityBachelor of PharmacyBachelor’s degree (four years)2013Sept 2020
61Stratford University, USAMaster of Science in Healthcare AdministrationMaster’s degree form non recognized institution2013Sept 2020
62Kathmandu UniversityBachelor of Technology (Bio-technology)Bachelor’s degree (four years)2013Sept 2020
63South Asian University, IndiaMaster of Science (Bio-technology)Postgraduate diploma (one year)2016Sept 2020
64Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Environmental ScienceBachelor’s degree (three years)2012April 2021
65Pokhara UniversityMaster of Science in Environment ManagementBachelor’s degree (four years)2016April 2021
66Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, BangladeshBachelor of Science in Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)Electrical and Electronic Engineering2008Feb 2021
67University of the Punjab, PakistanDoctor of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Sciences)Bachelor’s degree (four years)2015Feb 2021
68Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in MicrobiologyBachelor’s degree (three years)2012July 2020
79 Tribhuvan UniversityMaster of Science in MicrobiologyBachelor’s degree (four years)2019July 2020
70Tribhuvan UniversityMaster’s Degree in ChemistryBachelor’s degree (four years)2015Oct 2020
71Kathmandu UniversityMaster of Business Administration (Executive)Bachelor’s degree (four years)2019Jan 2020
72 North Lake College (USA)Associate in Arts Diploma (two years)2009Oct 2017
73Kathmandu UniversityMaster of Business AdministrationMaster’s degree2008Jan 2019
74Kathmandu UniversityBachelor of Arts in Social WorkBachelor’s degree (three years)2007Oct 2018
75University of Delhi, IndiaMaster of Arts in Social WorkBachelor’s degree (four years)2011Oct 2018
76University of Dublin, Trinity CollegeMaster in Philosophy (International Peace Studies)Master’s degree2016Oct 2018
77Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication EngineeringBachelor’s degree (four years)2012July 2017
78Higher Secondary Education BoardHigher Secondary Education Board Examination CertificateSecondary school diploma2007Feb 2016
79Visveswaraiah Technological University (VTU), IndiaBachelor of Engineering (Biotechnology Engineering)Bachelor’s degree (four years)2010May 2016
80Asian Institute of Technology, ThailandMaster of Business Administration (Marketing & Strategy)Master’s degree2012May 2016
81Mangalore University, IndiaMaster of Social WorkBachelor’s degree (four years)2011May 2015
82Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Liberal ArtsBachelor’s degree (three years)2008May 2015
83Pokhara UniversityBachelor of Computer Information SystemBachelor’s degree (four years)2014Aug 2021
84Purbanchal UniversityMaster in Development StudiesMaster’s degree2017Aug 2021
85University of Central Lancashire, United KingdomBachelor of Science in Business Computing and Information SystemsBachelor’s degree (four years)2015July 2021
86Pokhara UniversityBachelor of Pharmaceutical SciencesBachelor’s degree (four years)2015August 12, 2021
87Pokhara UniversityMaster of Pharmaceutical SciencesMaster’s degree2020August 12, 2021
88Purbanchal UniversityBachelor of Hospitality and Catering ManagementBachelor’s degree (four years)2013August 11, 2021
89The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)Proficiency Certificate Level (Nursing)Secondary school diploma2012August 12, 2021
90 Purbanchal UniversityPost-Basic Bachelor of NursingBachelor’s degree (three years)2012August 12, 2021
91Pokhara UniversityBachelor of Civil EngineeringBachelor’s degree (four years)2018August 13, 2021
92Tribhuvan UniversityDiploma in EngineeringSecondary school diploma2000August 13, 2021
93Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Civil EngineeringBachelor’s degree (four years)2006August 13, 2021
94Malmö Universitet, SwedenBachelor of Arts in International RelationsBachelor’s degree (four years)2013September 1, 2021
95Helsingin yliopisto – HY, FinlandMaster of Social Sciences in Democracy and Global TransformationsMaster’s degree2017September 1, 2021
96Higher Secondary Education BoardHigher Secondary Education Board Examination CertificateSecondary school diploma2009September 2, 2021
97Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Humanities and Social SciencesBachelor’s degree (three years)2010September 15, 2021
98Kathmandu UniversityPostgraduate Diploma in Education with major in Early Childhood DevelopmentBachelor’s degree (four years)2019September 15, 2021
99Tribhuvan UniversityMaster’s Degree in EnglishBachelor’s degree (four years)2021September 15, 2021
100Shinawatra University, ThailandMaster of Business AdministrationMaster’s degree2017April 5, 2021
101Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of Business AdministrationBachelor’s degree (four years)2009September 28, 2021
102Purbanchal UniversityExecutive Master of Business AdministrationMaster’s degree2018September 28, 2021
103Purbanchal UniversityBachelor of Business AdministrationBachelor’s degree (four years)2016September 28, 2021
104Pokhara UniversityMaster of Business AdministrationMaster’s degree2019September 28, 2021
105Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (Malaysia)Bachelor of Science in Information TechnologyBachelor’s degree (four years)2020September 30, 2021
106The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)Proficiency Certificate (Nursing)Secondary school diploma2006October 6, 2021
107Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree (Two Years)Diploma (two years)2011October 6, 2021
108Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, IndiaBachelor of Arts, PsychologyBachelor’s degree (four years)2013October 14, 2021
109Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, IndiaMaster of Arts, PsychologyPostgraduate diploma (one year)2015October 14, 2021
110Pokhara UniversityBachelor of Electronics and Communication EngineeringBachelor’s degree (four years)2011August 31, 2021
111Tribhuvan UniversityMaster of Arts (Rural Development)Postgraduate diploma (one year)2016August 31, 2021
112University of Mysore (Banglore, India)Master of Business AdministrationBachelor’s degree (four years)2014October 21, 2021
113The Robert Gordon UniversityMaster of Science (International Hospitality Business Management)Master’s degree2019February 8, 2021
114Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree (Humanities and Social Sciences)Bachelor’s degree (three years)2010October 27, 2021
115Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of Information ManagementBachelor’s degree (four years)2014October 28, 2021
116Purbanchal UniversityMaster in Development StudiesMaster’s degree2020October 28, 2021
117Kathmandu UniversityBachelor of Civil EngineeringBachelor’s degree (four years)2015October 28, 2021
118Purbanchal UniversityMaster of Science Engineering ManagementMaster’s degree2021October 28, 2021
119Tribhuvan UniversityProficiency Certificate (Vocational and Technical Education)Secondary school diploma2000October 29, 2021
120Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor’s Degree in Business StudiesBachelor’s degree (three years)2016November 9, 2021
121The Institute of Chartered Accountants of NepalChartered Accountancy Professional Examination – CAP IIIDiploma (two years)2018November 9, 2021
122Tribhuvan UniversityMaster of Business StudiesBachelor’s degree (four years)2021November 9, 2021
123Purbanchal UniversityBachelor of Science in NursingBachelor’s degree (four years)2010November 16, 2021
124Mahidol University, ThailandMaster of Science in MicrobiologyMaster’s degree2017November 16, 2021
125Tribhuvan UniversityBachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws (BALLB)Dual bachelor’s degree (four years)2015November 19, 2021