• Counseling

    Skyline Nepal Pvt. Ltd. provides a wide range of counseling services to its clients to widened their horizon of understanding regarding immigrate, visit, and study. Our certified counselors show keen interest to your queries and solve your problems with a warm smile.

    We assist you to build the capacity to prioritize your needs and goals based on your career choices. We acknowledge hindrances that you face while going through different realms of immigrate, visit, and study and help you to overcome the stressful and chaotic plights.

    With our guidance and support, we will make you to think out side of the box and you will be able to choose your designated path.

  • Country Selection

    It is always hard to choose a right country for anyone for study aboard, immigrate, and visit. Many people are lost in various options available in the market. Numerous factors such as visa facilities, immigration, standards of education and living, affordability, and job prospects determine your choice of country that you want to study, visit, and immigrate, but a guided process by our team helps you to make a right decision.

    Given the various studies and researches, you will be able to make a sound judgment of the country you desire to live in. We will make you aware of the environment of the particular country that you are interested in, to accept all the challenges you might face during your stay in that country. Calculating the opportunities and risks of studying, working, immigrating to any foreign nation, we will stand right next to you to support you to make your dream come true.

  • Filling Application Form

    Whether it may be immigrate, visit, or study, it is a crucial process to fill the application form. But don’t worry, our counselors are well trained for that.

    After selection of the programs for PR in Canada, or universities and courses for aboard study, or visit programs for European countries, we go thoroughly to all the academic transcripts, work experience, language test score, resume to ensure that your application fulfills all the requirements

    Along side, we make sure that your Offer Letter comes on time. And  after Invitation To Apply (ITA)  for PR in Canada comes, we further process your application for PR in Canada.

  • Documentation Assistance

    Many things are needed to consider in preparing the documents for PR in Canada. The first step is to gather all the information such as birth certificate, citizenship, passport, transcripts, ECA  report, IELTS score (GT), appointment letter and so on, which are  required to enroll in the PR programs.  With up-to-date information regarding rules and regulations about Invitation To Apply (ITA) and visa procedures and application, we make sure that all the documents submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) are true and notarized by an authorized body.

    Meanwhile, for aboard study we need English language test score, passport, bank certificate and statement, medical record, transcripts and so on. We verify each document and process it to obtain an Offer Letter. Then, we assist you to fill the visa application form.

    We facilitate you throughout the process of documentation process and assure you that you won’t face any problem in the future.