About us - Skyline Nepal Pvt. Lt.d

About us


 Skyline Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is established in 2013, located at Soalteemode, Kathmandu, Nepal is one of the best consultancies for the aspiring people to quench their thirst for abroad study, visit and immigrate. Since its establishment, Skyline Nepal has been providing standard services to the clients from highly trained and qualified counselors.

Not only we provide guidelines to our clients, but we also enhance the clients’ understanding of the process involved in abroad study, visit, immigrate, and work. We closely work with our clients in terms of counseling and documentations. We have always assured our clients that working with us is trusting the company which has discovered many options and opportunities suitable for them. We look deep into the problems of our clients and eager to work with a great interest to come up with the best solutions.

Our Vision

With a vision of establishing a quality atmosphere for the clients where they can find their dreams of studying abroad, immigrate, and visit come true, we take care of every need and desire of each client. A wide range of people are lost in the chaos of overloaded information; many of them don’t know how to pick up a right information for them; in such scenario we lead and guide the clients in each step of abroad study, visit, and immigrate.

We have continuously supported our clients for aiming higher and dedicated our services to achieve their aims. With considerable researches and studies in the field of abroad study, visit, and immigrate, we look for a better platform where our clients can enhance their knowledge and skills. We help our clients to maximize their potentials and find the best realm where they can utilize their expertise on their related fields.


Our sole objective is to provide counseling and documentation, and guidance for study, visit, and immigrate. Besides, we assist students to seek the appropriate universities and colleges on Management, Science, Humanities and Engineering.

Since our early days, we are best known for our service. We are enthusiastic to research for a better destination in terms of investment and career. We have served many clients and have helped them in finding the best options for their career.